The Traditional Spice Route

SREE ANNAPOORNA FOODS was established in 1970 . At a time when traditional grinding of spices at homes was quite the order of the day, Sree Annapoorna Foods pioneered the art of spice processing. It began by providing high quality spices and spice blends for restaurants that brought uniformity and helped reduce dependency on human resources. The late 70's witnessed the retail industry burgeoning rapidly. And Sree Annapoorna Foods became the first company in Tamil Nadu to sell spices and spice blends in packed form.
Today with close to 5 decades of experience, Sree Annapoorna Foods(SAF) is the epitome of rich and strong traditional values and is engaged in manufacturing a diverse range of Spice Powders, Spice Blends and a swarm of Ready to Cook and Eat products under the brand name ANNAPOORNA.

Continued Inventiveness and Development

As a company, customer delight is SAF's primary goal. Every aspect of our business is inclined to being more transparent and inventive. Innovativeness is the bedrock of SAF as we have a product development team that is constantly working towards adding value to SAFs existing product line. "ANNAPOORNA MASALA" as it is popularly called is today a name to reckon with in south Indian markets and is all set for a strong pan India presence.

Highest Standards of Quality

SAF believes that Food Safety & Quality is not a destination but a journey of continual improvement and development. In view of this belief SAF adheres to the highest standards of food safety policy. SAF also follows international benchmarks standards - from sourcing the finest ingredients to processing and packaging. It is a continuous endeavor to satisfy the ever changing needs of customers and meet the stringent regulatory and compliance requirements of national and international bodies. Each pack that emerges from SAF carries an assurance of supreme quality and high expectations that our customers have in us.